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The team at Precision Business Solutions is made up of such diverse talent, it’s amazing how we all come together to give our clients the best of us, we can. While we excel in Information Technology Management, a few of our techs have chosen to pass their vast knowledge and experience on to students sharing the same passion as them.

Currently, Precision Business Solutions has two Mount Aloysius adjuncts, Chris Scoran and Nate Sloan. This semester, Chris is teaching Current Microcomputer System Design and Nate is teaching Intro to GNU/LINUX, both at Mount Aloysius.

“Teaching is a pleasure because it gives me the ability to pass my knowledge on to the next generation of Information Technology professionals, as well as help lead them on their path to success,” said Chris, who came to PrecisionBS as an intern and was hired full-time upon graduation.

Both Chris and Nate graduated from Mount Aloysius, so going back to teach is a great experience!

“I saw teaching as an opportunity to sharpen my public speaking skills while sharing pertinent knowledge with aspiring IT professionals,” explained Nate.

Precision Business Solutions loves giving the opportunity for college students to get a foot in the door, for a full-time career.

“We have a paid Internship program, here at Precision,” said Matt Shutty, Business Director. “We’ve had a 100% hire rate for all of our interns that have completed the program. We are always looking for good interns as we continue to grow, and having the ability to pull great talent from our local institutions is a plus.”

“From Intern to employee to teacher, it’s come full circle for some of our professionals. It’s exciting to see them spread their wings and teach others what we do,” said Brian Shrift, President. “I’ve also taught at Mount Aloysius, as did Kevin Slonka, Sc.D., another member on our team, who teaches full time at Penn Highlands.”

If you have any interest in our internship program, contact Matt Shutty at Matt.Shutty@PrecisionBS.com or 814-471-0206.

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