Be Aware of SPAM (not the kind in the can)

While the can of meat might become our best meal (doubtful, but who knows?), in the moment, people are a bit panicky about the current situation. Panic+Internet= personal information handed to Internet thieves, on a silver platter.

Clients, you should be using the Cybersecurity training we've been teaching you, for years. At times like these, we are very vulnerable to malware attacks, as we scour the Internet for information. Please use precaution while clicking on links, make sure they're from a trusted site.

For our VoIP clients, pay special attention to voicemail notifications. As an example, one of our employees received the following VM notifications, which is noticeably fake. She knew we don't have a address, and the address beside it wasn't from PrecsionBS. Also, it's apparent that this isn't what our typical VM notifications look like.

We just wanted to give you a heads up, as our world is a little upside-down, at the moment.

Stay safe out there!

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